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ok music is a way of life through thoughts and feelings to a beat.. ure probably thinking what is she talking about. im just trying to say that i like to learn something through the music or feel something or have an understanding. i like rock music mostly like 30 seconds to mars, linkin park, chevelle, trapt, pod, metallica many many more. but i also like r&b and some is my love. second love.
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Wow, cool choice of music.....

your musical references are 30 years old or less, music is a thousands year old form of ex<x>pression for humankind

I love music so much. I wish i can find a group of young talented people to make a record. <br />
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I love music cuz one can express of kind of feelings: love, happiness, joy, sadness or a broken heart. I think music is a gift from God above to heal peoples' soul.

It's 8:50 am on a Monday morning in England and I'm listening to a CD I burned myself. It has Mozart on, Beethoven and Ravel. I even listened to Mozart in the car driving yesterday. Someone said classical music was written to a formula; I wish I knew what that formula was. I constantly discover and acquire new tastes for music. I liked Britney Spears singing "I love Rock 'n' Roll until I heard the original version by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts! lol. Perhaps my favourite out of modern music is Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water is a classic too.

I agree about music. Since I was little I've always felt that way about it. Its amazing how it can reach so far inside you and pull out so many emotions. I think life has a beat. Only the people who listen can hear it.

i am also into music! when i feel very sad, i will always listen to my favourite songs, and then i will become better. music is a wonderful thing in the world, and it is my love!

i agree, music is a great way to communicate things. it helps speak your mind when words cannot. i listen to most types of music but mainly rock such as rise against, taking back sunday, linkin park, chevelle, trapt, emery and many moree.

I am 81.When i was younger i use to sing in bars,of all things,popular stuff during the 2nd WW,folks would actually stop chattering (and drinking??) to listen.Could have been a band singer,too chicken.So instead sang to my children,Then in a choir and solos,Music was,and is,in my soul.Best of all was a lady came up to me after a christmas eve solo,told me i had made her christmas for her,Am so grateful for the talent God gave me to use to bring people close to him,Love soft jazz mostly at my age,but,oh man, ole time hymns sure still get to me,Some of the stuff today sure offends my ear,But to some it is great,so go on "youngins" enjoy.PS.Sinatra is surely serenading the angels,(pray he is there)

Whacko ain't walkin' on sunshine.<br />
He's stomping on it.

yeah it makes me relax and think..and by the way (i love 30 seconds to mars, linkin park tooooooooooooo) and simple plan and good charlotte and the beatles and fall out boy and the ramones and whatever, so enjoy listening to the AMAZING songs! OH YEAH! and dance with.. "i like to move it, move it!" and hear "just dance" by lady gaga she's awesome yo!

you are right for sure music is powerful and that way and my favorite music has to be metal (black just getting into lol) but definatly like Manson, Slipknot and Korn Mudvayne and not so much the rap but icp is top

i agree to you . everyone have a favorite song and that favorite song reflects your personality . by saying linkin park that means YOU ROCK !!! <br />
as for me i'd die without music it's my air .

Music is everthing. It can make you happy, sad, depressed, joyful etc.

music is the best for me and others musicians its like when we play its called the zone it takes you to that special place like playing guitar an your fingers are playing all the cords an notes at a fast an slow pace with out thuoghts the music just flows.

Yea your right music is a way of life. I personaly can't live with out my music. Sometimes i wonder if anyone could live without it.

Music is very important to me, without it I don't think my life would be as nice. Music helps me get in touch with my feelings.<br />
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listen to this....check out some more songs while you're there. I think you'll like it. IF you do hit MIX ITand tell all your friends to go listen.

ur a pop rock fiend. get off the radio and mtv and get on the good music.

I love virtually all music, and make some music myself. Anyone interested in hearing my work can look me up on YouTube: Ermengarde11 is the name of my channel there. I have originals and much more. <br />
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Music is the language of the soul! Don't limit yourselves to one or two genres, experience it all, from every culture and style. This has enriched my life beyond description.<br />
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Music Spoken Here is one of my mottos!!

for me music is everyting...everyone looks at it differntly!<br />
some think its just a song others think they know what it means! only the author will trul no what it means!<br />
<br />
but for its up to the indevial to decide what it means to them

for me music is everyting...everyone looks at it differntly!<br />
some think its just a song others think they know what it means! only the author will trul no what it means!<br />
<br />
but for its up to the indevial to decide what it means to them

It seems that in the 1500's and 1600's, classical music<br />
writers, more often then not, followed rather ridged mathematic rules to come up with the theme and melody. Later, others broke out of this and began with what they felt and heard and put it down on paper irregardless of set mathematic patterns.<br />
<br />
In any erra, people place their own passions and ideas ito the music. There are some common ideas shared. <br />
<br />
I adore music because of the ability of the individual to interpret, and because of the ability of multiple persons to share the musical experience.... find common ground.

couldn't agree more the purpose of music is to reflect a mood or tell a story. Good music is the music that ppl actually put thought into. I hate it when a song sounds like it's just been thrown together like that stupid chicken noodle soup song and that lip gloss song. Can't stand those songs if thats what music is coming to then I should be able to throw something together and get paid off of it. I love music I can relate to or puts me in a certain state of mind.