Music Helps Me to Survive

I am a 'fallen away' musician and come from a musical family. I have always been open to very, very many musical styles and was fortunate enough to grow up being able to listen to very diverse music in the radio. Though not a punk, Ive gone to CBGB and loved the music. Not a classical head, but really enjoy Prokofief and Praetorius. Not much a country fan, but love Alt Country. Always try to be openminded, I finally came around to actually liking BeBop jazz - I'd always hated it. Never thought I'd like rap, but NWA and the second M&M cd blow me away. Whenever my spirit sags, I know I can slip into another world with the right music. Right now my favorite is the anthology created by David Byrne called "Brazil Classics Vol, 1". Another is "Zimbabwe Frontline Vol. 1". Both are incredible. It is such a shame that most music on the radio (even Public Radio)
is schlock.
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2 Responses Jul 3, 2007

David Byrne is a badass.

Since writing this I have been turned on to even more incredible music. There is so much out there. The audio bus is down on my PC and I have yet to replace it, still, there is so much music in my head that I haven't missed it much. Until the past few days, when I was on a short trip and recalled listening to a new collection of older Brazilian music I had collected for a trip just about a year ago. Now I am aching to hear that, and all of my recorded music again. Music is really picks me up and I know now I have to get a new audio drive so I can listen to music again.