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     For years me and my best friend was dreaming about when we would get married and we had planned it in our heads for years.  We also talked about having children.  Stacey and I never had any children because of her health condition.  I never wanted to hurt her.  Stacey was capable of having children but the birth could be to hard for her. So I never pushed the issue I was so happy keeping her  

     Kevin and I are men so we had our own ideas of our wedding and  who would be groomsmen and the best man.  I picked my buddy kevin because I promised him for years.  When I met My wife to be Stacey Kevin was by my side all the way so he was the best bestman I could find.

    Being a Disc Jockey for 20 years I have thousands of songs so me and Stacey had a huge selection to look at.  We both love all kinds of different music.  I showed stacey The song one day when we went to see a D.J. friend of mine who was playing one Friday night at a local bar.  I asked him for a very nice old slow song by Johnny Ace.  We danced to it that night and hundreds of nights after that.

I always played it when my wife went with me to my gigs.  I asked any D.J. we went to see and we danced every time they played it.   2 weeks  before Stacey passed away we were D.Jing A wedding and even though stacey was so sick then she still danced with me.  That was the last time we danced to our song.

     The song was called Pledging My love.  Johnny Ace wrote the song and recorded it but it wasn't released till they found the tape after his tragic death.  He shot himself.  The song is beautiful just like my Stacey and the words say everything I Feel about my Stacey.

    She fell in love with it and it.  We called it our song and it became our fist song we danced to at our wedding and it was and still is our song. I remember when she saw the ingraving in her ring and everytime she hears that song she thinks of her ring and us.  The funny thing is we did the ingraving secretly and we didn't see each others till our wedding day and she wrote almost the same thing.

   I had the first verse of the song ingraved in Stacey's wedding band which since her death I wear around my neck on a chain.  The verse says forever my darlin our love will be true.  I tell you I don't think I will Ever Find Another love that true.  She's everything I think about and I miss her so.

   She was only 40 and I'm 39 and we're both two young for us to lose each other and I hope that some day in the future I could find love like that again.  I know Stacey would like me to go on.  I will alway have her love and the great memories of us.



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A beautiful tribute

how beautiful to have such memories, of something so beautiful

This is just too heart-breakingly beautiful :')

A story and song to touch everyone. I wish you luck in the future.

How beautiful that you had the last dance to your favorite wedding song. Thanks so much for telling us about the love you shared with your wife Stacy. It truly was a love affair to remember. I had a friend who lost his wife early in life. He went on to find another whom he loved. I will always remember that day when he told me he had loved and married two wonderful women in his life. He has since died after raising his two children from his first marriage and also two from his second wife she had from her first. They lived many years together and had grandchildren before his passing. What a wonderful guy I will truly miss.

A great story. I'm sorry for your loss - I hope your heart heals w/time.

wow!that was a great story.hope you'll find a good one soon just like stacey. thank you for sharing!

Wow!!that was a very heartwarming love story...everytime I attend a wedding and listening to the wedding songs, I am always wishing and dreaming that one day I will be the one marching and dancing with my partner..but a wish will always be a wish and still hoping that the day will come for me too

I'm very sorry for your loss. This is such a beautiful story, thank you for sharing!

you just found your answer to the same question i was asking myself , i lost my love prematurely for something ppl much much older get.... i sometimes wonder whether ill ever be able to have such powerful feelings again , maybe oneday ill find my answer toogood luck

Thanks you for your sharing a romantic story! I really admire your love to each other. Mine is the same your story. So I understand your happiness. Hope you be forever happy and hope your love last viva.<br />
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I am sorry to hear about Stacy's passing. I have never heard that song, I don't think,I'm going to look it up on the computer.<br />
I love to dance but my bf ,Tim,doesn't like to as much as I do so don't push him to dance. I dance with another gentlemen who is older and Tim isn't jealous of. But I love to Dance with Tim.<br />
We aren't married but maybe someday we'll be. <br />
Tim had a double transplant so he has to take ant-rejection medicine. He does pretty good, he gets tired but he can do about anything he wants.<br />
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This is so beautiful - thank you for sharing :)

That is a very touching and heart felt memory. Thank you for sharing it. I think you'll find that love again. She'll help that to happen. (hugs)

That is so BeautiFul! You guys Were Really meant for Each other! It's So Sad that something that BeautiFul had to end. At the End, you will see her again! I do believe in that, I Feel I have too, the world is So incredible and Magical that I Believe that Surely she is still Here, just looking at a Distance, Maybe. You Deserve<br />
a big Hug. Thanks for Sharing!.........Mari

thank you for sharing, that was beautiful.

There is a time when a pain is so raw, when a loss is so apparent that words become an impotant gesture from others who know the futility of such and hollow ex<x>pression. That said, i hope the pain disipates and lingering only is the loving memory and the good times. My heart felt sorrow to you.

this was agreat story-thanks

your story is amazing, the love between you two seems very profound, i am so sorry for your loss

Thank you for sharing your heart warming story. Some people never experience true love in their life time. You certainly did. All you can do now is cherish your beautiful memories of Stacey. She will be with you always. Time is the best healer. Your sadness will pass. Best wishes to you and a BIG HUG.