I Love Music

I believe I first began to truely 'love music' when i started discovering music from other cultures... this was brought about by my enrollment in my school band. I found everything from the mainstream German band Rammstein to the K-rock King, Seo Taiji. I'm only just now starting to check out American music (kinda odd considering i've never been out of the country lol you'd think i'd know about it already). I've found I enjoy various other Asian artists such as Teriyaki Boyz, JTL, Jaurim, and Boa.
if yall know of any good (preferably not mainstream) American bands, could ya let me know?
DanteofAvalon DanteofAvalon
18-21, M
1 Response Jul 18, 2007

yea try out....this asian band called OVERLOAD....its asian drumming im sure youll like it and.....try hearing this CD "Buddha Bar Sun by Claude Challe lovely sunset vol 2" i know long name but good tracks. Umm....also hear out....simon and garfunkel...yu might like thier tracks 'sounds of silence and scraborough fair' ... and hey lemme know what music you hear and i can defntly help you out....im amusic junkie :)