Sitting here with the windows open, cuddled in a blanket, drinking a warm cup of coffee, and listening to some music... Could the evening possibly be any better?!
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Yes................ It could...

Hi SS R u there ? R U a submissive ? Do U have a dom ?

I have a Dom.

I wish you'd add me!

the cuddle and warmth helps the winter pass by.

Well yes. Me there to get you high on life, flirting to let you know you are desired, kissing your neck to warm you and maybe turning you on enough to give you multiple nipple *******.

what is your choice of music in a time like that?

It varies. I think in that moment I was enjoying a bit of Beethoven, John Legend, and The Mamas and The Papas...

nice Monday Monday. Even when i want to change stations i can't

And California Dreamin'...

don't know if it's because i am in California but too me it seams i hear Monday three to one over ca. dreaming. But you are right dreaming get's my blood going

have you checked out lately?

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If someone next to you would get up to go get the NEXT cup of coffee...let HIS blanket fall to the floor and he is naked...turns and smiles and asks "cream in your coffee?"

sure it could, hand laid upon yours--a gentle touch, cuddles with hugs, and when looking into your eyes, being lost there.

Yes I could be there too!

nothing better

Maybe adding someone you love inside that blanket...otherwise that sounds pretty good!

That sounds nice!! Would you please add me...

that's certainly a good start to the evening

I am quite jealous. I should do this tomorrow night. :)

Mmmm Can you hear the call of the werewolf ? I saw your beauty as you opened the window. I can smell your intoxicating scent. Mmmm yes your evening can be better :)