Who here likes classic rock? Van Halen, Led Zep, Queen, Pink Floyd....let's talk music!
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I'm gonna go with the most underrated band of all time (yes, I know that's a bold statement; chastise me if you must)... Blue Oyster Cult. NEVER do they get enough credit. There are a surprising number of bands from the late '70's and through the '80's who list BOC among their major influences, and they are the reason I even got into rock.

Agreed! And I would put Thin Lizzy right next to them. So many folks don't realize that Metallica did a cover of Thin Lizzy's "Whiskey in the Jar." Unfortunately, just like Blue Oyster Cult, people only know 2 or 3 of their songs - the ones featured on the radio.

Fun conversations. I saw vh twice before they released their first album, once opening for journey and Montrose- yes, they were third on the list- and less than a year later, opening for black sabbath. A few years ago they did a no opener show that was amazing!
Nobody has mentioned the who so far, my saviors, as a teen their music and lyrics kept me from ending my life. I figured if they could make it, I could, too. Got to see them three times, and even met the ox and shook his hand once.
After 50 or so concerts, I got a security gig and saw a lot of backstage antics. The nicest guitarist was Rick Nielson of cheap trick, spoke to me like a regular guy. Later I worked as a rigger and stagehand. I found out Paul McCartney is a stuck up, cheap s.o.b. Every time I hear a Beatles song, I remember the spread for local craft: two steam trays with stale toast, one with rubbery eggs. I compare that with U2- table after table over flowing with every good food imaginable!

Hell yes. Let's not forget AC/DC

I was gonna put ac/dc in this story haha they're in my top 5, Bon Scott is my fave

I love ac/Dc!!!!


at 3:15, that's what I would say to a girl who needs affection. Awesome.

PF, Queen, Dire Straits, Scorpions.. My childhood in a nutshell!

ah!!! dire straits!!! yes!

Sultans of swing was like *the thing* to learn on guitar when I was like 15 lol

Also, I've seen some responses dissing modern popular music. I can't abide that sort of bullshit. It's hypocrisy. 'Cause you know good and well, that when Queen, Zep, Floyd came around, the people from the generation before said the exact same ****.

I don't think modern music sucks, it just doesn't have as much heart and soul as it used to. Even rap is ****** now in the 90's rap was actually good

And again, I would have to disagree. Just look at the amount of product being put out. The ratio of good to bad is still just as crappy as it's always been. A small amount of truly great music. A lot of copy-cats. A lot of mediocrity and a lot of crap.

I think the heart and soul of the good music is still there. You just have to wade through the other stuff. Just as every era of music.

As for rap. I took a music history course years ago, and had this discussion. Here's what I concluded.
All rap is crap. From the subject-oriented view, it's crap. RAP is all about material possessions, violence towards ones fellow man, and degrading women.
HIP-HOP which many people lump together with RAP, is good. As it always either has a message at heart, is in some way about community, or is generally just uplifting somehow.

Never thought about it like that, you just changed my whole perspective of rap/ r&b lmfao

rap = D12 or ICP
hip-hop = ice cube, macklemore

rap = smacking ******* and hos, getting dat money, bustin caps
hip-hop = family, neighborhood, brotherhood, surviving life.

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I've gotta be honest. No band is perfect. They've all got ups and downs. And I find that the more I listen, the more I find fault with bands like Zep and Floyd.

Floyd is better when you're stoned, and that just a cop out for some bands. Zep has GREAT instrumentation, but I find some of Robert Plant's vocalizing overly self-indulgent and annoying, and they only serve to distract from the amazing music he's making noise over.

Now, if I wanna listen to a flawless band... gimme QUEEN!!!

Pink Floyd is what i listen to stoned as well, Queen and vh are like pump me up kind of tunes that i listen to while working out

But you know what I mean? When people say "did you like that song?" "Oh, No?" "Oh, you need to listen to it while you're stoned, that's why". It's a cop out.

I didn't say anything about playing stoned or alcohol free.
Also, Queen may have written some of their songs while under some influence or another, but I doubt they ever ever ever PERFORMED while on something. You can tell. Just look at bands like Poison, Motley Crue, or Guns 'n' Roses.

And Plant is NOT one of the best singers of all time. Considering there have been billions of singers throughout the ages, he's nowhere near the top.

Freddie Mercury was the best singer of all time boys

Who could beat Freddie?

That's odd, well i guess everybody has opinions! Either way all classic rock is good so no hate :)

Top 3 guitarists 1. Hendrix (No contest) 2. Eddie Van Halen 3. Jimmy Page

Four and five would prolly go to Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn

Yeah but Eddie Van Halen created his own cross breeded guitar, revolutionized two handed tapping techniques, and is still putting out music and touring to this day ;)

Indeed, if Hendrix never overdosed on drugs we would have so much more great classics to listen to from him

If you like guitar virtuosos that play left-handed, check out Eric Gales: He is Hendrix on steroids! He plays literally upside-down and backwards, and can play rock, blues, funk and metal equally well!

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Van Halen all the way!!

**** yeah you go girl

Yes, real music! More talent than anything on pop radio right now! Don't forget The Outlaws! Haha....just making a joke on our names..... Seriously, if you like Freebird, you will appreciate "Green Grass and High Tides." Excellent lead guitar work.....

you should look at the conversation above with me and outlaw talking about modern s old

I did, Orin, and I agree with you on hip-hop. Very good points! However, I politely disagree on the subject of modern vs. older music. Granted, each generation has its good and bad, and only the good songs stand the test of time. However, I'm referring to "pop radio," not all music that is being created in this day and time. (When's the last time you heard Michael Franti on Pop radio?)

First of all, in the 60's and 70's, record companies didn't compress the sound waves that make it onto the radio. There are actual scholarly articles on how studios today take music volume/diversity out of the hands of the listener. If you listened to Fleetwood Mac back in the day, for example, and looked at the actual sound frequency printouts, the variation would be much greater between the highs and lows, the average decibel level, etc. Thanks to modern digital recording, etc. most modern radio-play music stays at a constant level, so that the louds are softer and the softs are louder. There is scientific evidence that the actual auditory product coming out today is inferior to that of 30 years ago.

Also, with auto-tune, singers don't have to be able to sing on pitch today. Literally, anyone who can phonate can become an overnight sensation. Older guys like Tony Bennett are still singing in their 80's and can outsing anyone on the radio today. Even semi-classical singers like Celine Dion and Josh Groban can't match the older crooner's vocal technique. Tony Bennett can still sing high C's and and B's in full voice, projecting without any amplification. Most modern singers on the radio are just 10 years or less away from vocal polyps and worse. Comparing Miranda Lambert or Taylor Swift's vocal technique with Linda Rondstadt's or Olivia Newton John's is pretty laughable. Karen Carpenter is a much superior singer than most on the radio today. She doesn't push and strain her voice like many in the industry do now (plus, she was a fantastic drummer!). Don't even get me started on Mahalia Jackson and Ella Fitzgerald--modern r&b singers could not go toe-to-toe with them, and there are many vocally specific reasons why, but there's not room to write it all down.

I am a professional musician and know many in the recording industry that are fed up with the modern system: sub-par talent at the top with the record industry holding the strings. There is also more double-dipping than 40 years ago. When you listened to Lynyrd Skynyrd or Queen in the 70's, most of the songs were written by very talented guys like Freddie Mercury or Gary Rossington. But many of the songs on the radio now are co-written by a half dozen people or more. Basically, a good-looking, promotable, mediocre singer/songwriter signs a contract with a label, then goes in the studio and the producer/staff songwriters "help" write the songs (usually 3 chords and predictable based on market research). Then, when the album singles come out, the producer and the label's staff gets paid a majority of the profits from the songs, because as co-writers, they own more of the songs than the actual "artist" does. The companies have all of the power. The have a huge promotion machine that promotes the singers they've signed, and in return, the singer has to give away his/her artistic soul.

I do like some modern groups on the radio, but let's face it, when I watched the Super Bowl a few years ago and they called The Black-Eyed Peas a "band," I just had to laugh! If you take away the costumes, the lights, the auto-tune, the background dancers, etc., what's left? There are some talented folks still around today with instrumental and vocal talent (Prince, Harry Connick Jr., etc.), but I've spent hours with my brothers' records and 8-track collections from the 60's and 70's, and I can really tell the difference between the two.

Red Hot Chili Peppers?

They're not bad

Yeah, I just recently got into them. But I'm also really into Pink Floyd and a little of Led Zeppelin

Pink Floyd is my fave to listen to when i'm relaxing it's really trippy but incredible music, my dad got a chance to see Roger Waters live last year and he had floor seats and everything....lucky bastard

I think Floyd and Zepplin are more classic than Halen.
So, you like old van halen or new van halen? I'm not really down with the Van Hagar, hehe.

I like both genres of Van Halen but David Lee Roth is still my favorite, i saw him live last year and he still knows how to put on a good show with the Vh brothers

I think Sammy Hagar did better when he wasn't with Van Halen. Now I wanna listen to "Heavy Metal"

I think so too man, he was a better solo artist. Did you know he actually took a pay cut when he joined vh in 1985? Lol but that's a great song, i love blasting it when i'm doing like 80-90 mph on the freeway

True!!! I heard it first because of the movie "Heavy Metal" . Then went out and bought two copies of the soundtrack on vinyl. One to play, and one to keep in pristine condition. ... And now I want to listen to the whole thing. Especially: "Heavy Metal (Takin' a Ride) by Don Felder and "Veteran of 1000 Psychic Wars" by Blue Oyster Cult.

I saw BOC a couple years ago at a state fair they kicked ******* ***. Don't fear the reaper!

Gotta give it up for Godzilla!

That's my favorite by them by far

I LOVE it. My second favorite, behind Veteran of The Psychic Wars. Speaking of... MAN I can't freaking wait for the new Godzilla movie!!!

Same, hopefully it's good

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