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2 Responses Apr 13, 2014

love your use of icons ;)

I love music too. I danced a lot this weekend but I also drank too much and made a fool of my self. I'm so embarrassed and disappointed at my self.

Haha:) don't be embarrassed or disappointed at yourself, we all have done things that made us feel disappointed. But that's life, we have fun and make the best of it. Make memories that make you laugh when you look back and think about it:)

That is very true. But my girlfriend doesn't think the same way so now I feel like a looser that doesn't deserve her

Don't let some chick bring you down. We all have that one person in our lives that will bring us down, but we will find that encouragement to just stand up and say "No". And if she is the one just have a long talk with her and tell her how you feel and tell her how much it makes you hurt when she says things.

I tried. She loves me but she is a difficult woman and very judges too much.

Oh... Well has she ever heard of keeping her mouth shut and keep her opinions to herself...?

She is the type of person that never like to loose no matter what. So many times I put my head down and let my thoughts to my self. I'm no easy either I'm bipolar plus I have bpd it's not easy to deal with me specially a few days before my period.

Oh....... Well she needs to know that one day she ain't going to win!!

You r right

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