guys, does anyone like pink floyd???? or led zeppelin?
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Yes, but Floyd rather better. Particularly like Dark side of the Moon and The Wall. Film starred a young Bob Geldof.

Of coarse who doesn't, both bands tuned to natural ressonances of the earth(432hz). New bands are getting into it and moving away from 440hz such is very unnatural for us humans.
These old bands understood music and the effect it gas on us all.

58 years old and still rock!

if you like Pink Floyd try the Australian pink floyd ive seen them twice and they are fantastic


Are you ******* kidding me? I grew up on See Emily Play and Ten Years Gone.

Let's see. I'm a musician. I play classic rock in a bar band. That would be a big fat yes.

I love them both. I really have been into Wish you were here by pink Floyd lately.

DING! Two for two!

Luv them....That's the kind of music I listen to. ZZ top too!!

I do

Yes, both. You just can't get better.

Im in a band and we play a lot of Zeppelin...great group...great music...

Of course!!

Brilliant bands.

oh yeah!
fav songs: zepp would be "good times bad times" and PF would be "on the turning away" so good

Great gig in the sky is one of my favorite songs.

Yes. I saw them both in concert, back in the day.

the wall is my s hit

floyd yeah led zep i used to till i heard some pretty bad stuff about one of em

What kind of bad stuff?

Ok galwyn, Share with the class! Lol

Seriously gotta ask everyone should

Zeppelin fan right here lol

The solo in this song is amazing. The music speaks for itself:

Here's an awesome tribute from Kid Rock:


their both legends and I love them both!

Duh... :)

Stairway to heaven!

I love that song

Me too. Best if the volume is turned up a little to get a feel of the song :)

Both, but Pink Floyd win :)

Both. Zeppelin is best

I love pink Floyd. I really like their early albums with Syd Barret, but Animals, and Wish you were Here, as well as Meddle are great as well. I liked Led Zeppelin when I was younger but now, not so much.

Lots of people do, they're very popular...

several species of small furry animals in a cave grooving with a pick by pink floyd, was my first song

it is a longer title, but i cannot remember it lol


Yes ! Do and still enjoy their music anytime it cones on the radio.

I love Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.

Of course hunni I don't know anyone that doesn't....both girls and guys....I grew up with these guys music.... :)

good for you


I love all the classic rock

who doesn't


Like!? More like love them both.

i play wish you were here on guitar and sing.. pink floyds dark side of the moon is pretty cool, old but cool and zepplin is awesome i play stairway to heaven and this other one , cant remember the name knw some of the lyrics though

wow! that's great that play my fave songs :)


I have an album called Tubular Bells and I think pink Floyd did that too

mike oldfield and rick wakeman

I like pink Floyd I saw them making a film in Wapping I also have their album The Wall In my youth I saw a led zeppelin film in the west end of London and it did get a bit monotonous

Pink Floyd🌚


I like both Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin!


great! me too

woot =D

It always good to know your classics:)

thank you


both of them?

I saw robert plant last year, it was amazing