Anybody here into good music like Green day, Nirvana, Bush, Guns n Roses? Not this Justin Beiber and One Direction crap -.-
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Check out Seether. Pretty good.

Will you marry me? -_-

Hehe you're sweet

Oh well, 'twas worth a try, y'know, its difficult to find a girl that'd say that, not that I'm anti jb or 1d, just that, I think they're sorta over-rated! And thanks :)

Green Day is pretty good.

I love the good stuff

me me xD

Ever listened to Alice Cooper? He's the original shock rocker. :)


Have you heard of Everclear? Love Nirvana to death, by the way.

How about Death Metal?

Alice In Chains all day. Can't forget AFI either.

Sensing fellow grunge fan?

Yup yup, how about you?

Definitely. It started with Pearl Jam and it still hasn't ended

Oh yeah? I jamm some evenflow and Jeremy everyonce in a while. How about Maiden?

Killers is one of my faves :) Wrathchild is a jam, but the others are just as good IMO. Gosh, it feels awesome to find someone with the same music taste

I think you and I are gonna get along just fine.

And I will drink to that !

I'll puff puff pass to some Marley.

You into joints? Cause I will definitely join ya

Hell yeah, well I like the bong more then doobs, but i'm an equal opportunity stoner.

I agree. Take your window of happiness when you can

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only queen the best ever band theres ever been & ever will be

u like crap u like crap ur a mother ****** ur a mother ****** u like crap ***** u like crap ***** u like crap ***** u like crap

Lol. Immature much?

I'm not that much older than you, but I'm glad that people like you still exist.

I can't stand Green Day.. But I do love everything else mentioned.

Really? Theyve come out with some really good stuff.....just not lately

whos watching! whos watching now! whos watching! whos watching now!

Guns n Roses Rules!!

Justin Beiber is my Favorite. I like Musics too !

Paradise city

Guns n roses

Here I'm am!!! Queen, Muse, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Green day, etc. but also classical music are my life! I listen to everything that is NOT One Direction, Biberon (Italian word to say "baby bottle")... I don't really insult them (usually), because they can do whatever they want. But still.

Love all those bands! And Bush is the ****!!!


Is this punk rock?

Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Black Veil Brides, Pierce The Veil, Bring Me The Horizon, Billy Talent etc <3

I love all of them (:

That's quite a graphic! I've seen or worked shows for about half those. Where did you find it?

Green Day & Linkin Park :3


the old Guns and Roses was a great band

Did you know? There are more than two kinds of music! (Now you know!)

I didn't say there wasn't.....

green day great group

u should try cody simpson! sounds like ur type :) xx

Will do ^_^

Hahah don't

It's very rare to find someone around my age with good taste in music :)

Hehe well you found someone :D

yes it is if you define good taste as exactly the same taste as you! stop being so narcissistic

I don't make the music, I just like it and I so happen to not like "boy bands", rap, hip hop, or pop. I don't care if you do, and you shouldn't care if I don't.

yes but you are saying your taste is "good" and others' taste isnt. that defies the meaning of the word taste

Similar, which I think is good. But I'm not arguing about this. Have a nice day.

oh ok if thats what u meant thats fine!

**** off em you keyboard warrior. Go harass someone who give a crap.

calm down...

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