If there is such a thing as a "good" obsession, music is mine.  I play concert flute, baritone saxophone and the French horn.  I was raised on a variety of music; opera, classical, rock, disco (okay, that's perhaps not such a fave of mine)...

I listen to all kinds of music now.  I love opera, classical, metal, rock, alternative, blues, techno, goth, black metal, hip hop... When pressed it's impossible for me to name a favourite artist or musical genre.  My iPod is stuffed to the limit! I've gotten my toddler hooked on music too. We dance and sing in the living room and she just loves dancing any time she hears a beat.  I notice she's particularly fond of hip hop, possibly the rhyme and rhythm. Music has always been my outlet, my saviour, my voice, my soul.

JennyMcNeill JennyMcNeill
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1 Response Jan 27, 2009

You sound gifted :) Glad of what you said of disco ... I lived through it and still consider it bug music haha , but there were some good tunes. Never into classical or opera, jazz and the blues can be alright, but I mainly like the mid '70's rock and metal. Rap I can't understand, but the beat can get you bopping ;) It sounds like your daughter is a 21st century soul ...