I'm Getting Back Into It.

I used to have a bunch of LPs and cassettes but the LPs got wrecked in a flood in my parents basement and most of my cassettes got stolen in college.  So then I started getting a CD collection going and it was going pretty well until my ex and I broke up and she made off with 90% of it because I didn't want to fight anymore, I just wanted her gone.  Then a few weeks ago I won an iPod shuffle......the little 1 gig for jogging etc.  It opened up a whole world of possibilities so I bought the 4 gig nano to hold about 1000 songs, and I can play it in the car and I love it.  It made me remember how great it can be to be active in your collection of music.   I have always loved to see live shows too.  We are going to see Grace Potter in two weeks.  I am psyched.
billyinvt billyinvt
36-40, M
Aug 5, 2007