"Fix you" by Coldplay is an amazing song :)
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Have you heard Ink?? LOVE it!

Yes,Cold Play will never date,all their songs are meaningful.

If you like work cup soccer and that song check out the Italians dream on YouTube it's about team Italy I'm Italian so it's a beautiful video check it out

Look up this amazing cover of "Fix you" by Jake Edwards on YouTube he blew me away when I first heard him.

I will! :D

Ok he has an amazing voice! He's really good. :) tell me what you think of him! (I think he sings it better than Coldplay does)

Dang! He has a really great voice!

I know! He's really cool

I subscribed to him! I hope he gets famous :D

Yeah me too he's really good

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L❤️VE Coldplay ..

Love it!!!!