Music: the Ultimate Universal Language

Music is the ultimate and universal language of the heart and mind. I can't stress that enough. I started like most people listening to cheesy teenybopper songs until Savage Garden came along and I started working midnights at a convenience store which somehow ended up with all 'oldies' tapes. Oh my God, talk about letting the good times roll  .  .  .

I was instantly hooked and memorized just about about every lyric my keen ears could make out. I was going to buy a ton of Cd's featuring the songs of these 70's and 80's artists but fortunately the Ipod caught my attention and every since then, music has always been the elixir to just about whatever ails me. Nervousness, loneliness, despair, frustration, love, passion - bad days and good days. There's music for everything and thanks to the Ipod and Limewire - I'm hopping and bopping wherever I go. I even walk down the street often dancing and belting out tunes. My favorite kind of music are the dance hits and those soulful ballads that touch your heart like Luther Vandross for example. I swear I fall in love every time I hear his songs. Same with Peter Cetera. OMD's If You Leave and Keith Urban's You'll Think Of Me are great guy breakup songs, putting to rest the myth that all men are dogs and that we can't take breakups as hard as the women do.

 I will say it to anyone, if you cannot find a song for a particular mood - then the problem lies within and not with the music.

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5 Responses Feb 8, 2009

What a shame...

Yes, my neck of the woods... We also have other artists you may have heard of? Vanessa Amorosi, Delta Goodrem, John Farnham, The Veronicas...

I find Tommy Emmanuel as an Australian guitarist is so wonderfully talented that I can find music for my mood in his work anytime :)

I've always loved moves me.

most the time its easier to explain my mood via music than words...