Is there anyone here that like eminem ?
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I do,I find his lyrics meaningful, he is an intelligent man born in the "wrong" side of town so to speak but who raised above his situation and put his insight into his music.

ME ME ME!! Love the plain ones. The peanut ones are awesome, and so are the MINT ones!!! The semi-sweet ones are't bad either, and I prefer the smaller sizes instead of the regular ones!

yeahh he's awesomee ... i just found 8 mile the other day ... cudn belive i hadn seen it loong backk ... lose yourself his best song ever ? which is ur fav ?

Um I'm not afraid lose yourself mockingbird or rap god

King of the rappers for us old folk! At least we can understand him....:)

Haha trust me I know wat he's saying lol

he is so talented its uncomprehendable

Definately, he is a living legend!

Girl you speaking my language

Then that's a language I am proud to speak lol :D

HERE ...

Question isn't whether you like him it's whether or not you acknowledge the fact that he is a great rapper

I like his song rap god

U tell em :D and yh it's a wicked song

I do. I dont know if he's in Illumimati or not.

Yeah I know that she and lil wayne are in it.

I LOVE eminem

Me i have 117 of his songs

U legend ahaha

I have a total of over 300 rap songs


He is ok

I love Eminem. He's a genius rapper.

I LOVE eminem


yes there are people who like Eminem on here.

Of course he's awesome

I liked him more in the past. He was hilarious and his songs actually had meaning and humor.

Yh I prefer his old songs

He's good but you should listen to better rappers.

Who do u recommend

Murs, atmosphere, speak, immortal technique, bambu, the grouch, mac lethal, mf doom, people under the stairs, wax, kyle, aesop rock and a heck of a lot more.

Thanks I'll listen to some :D

Also if you like female rappers check out angel haze, k.flay, lauryn hill, mc lyte and rah digga. Trust me, there not anything like niki minaj lol their a thousand times better

Yh girl rappers r kl

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Um yesss

Some of his music is good

Me!!! I like his song headlights and rap god

Yh same it's actually funny if u listen to the words :D

I know but he always sound angry tho 😟

Yh its scary haha I'm like calmmmm urself