Angel of Music

Music calls me all the time, but I stopped playing a couple of years ago. Partly because it's never good enough and that drives me crazy, partly because I got sick of people watching me all the time, partly because i played with my husband a lot and he hates it when I ask "Does it sound better this way or that wya" and things like that. I love polishing each note to perfection even if that means letting it fly its own way almost without me. He is insecure about his music and always feels inadequate with me so he doesnt want to talk about what we do or work it out together. SO now I don't play, and I think I'm beginning to need it again. Singing in particular...

roisindhu roisindhu
46-50, F
2 Responses Feb 9, 2009

If you truly love music, then play with your heart and don't worry how it sounds becuase if you truly put your heart into it, it will sound right. To truly love something then you should let it grow as it will.

i love music too i sing all the time