I Love Music

I love music, because I had an aunt that was a music teacher. I did not learn how to play, but I did learn to love music. From Bach to Beethoven, and all the other I don't know how to spell. Today music is an escape for me. Although it brings back memories most of them are good, but then some of them aren't. I am thank that the good out way the bad. I have learned to face the bad memories, and know that there is nothing I can do about the past. There are those memories that still haunt me, but as I said I have learned to face them, because all they are is a passing thought. Music helps me through good times and bad. It makes me happy when I'm sad, and it thrills me when I'm happy. there is music that makes my feet move to the rhythm, and it makes me want to dance, and I love to dance.

Subatia Subatia
1 Response Feb 10, 2009

Music is a universal language. Probably every culture made instruments and played. Even the simple rhythm of banging two sticks together can create a sound to move by. I like lots of different music, but not crazy about commercial stuff. My favorite genre is Native American, both contemporary and traditional. My favorite Canadian artists are Bruce Cockburn and Blue Rodeo. <br />
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But dancing is a really personal thing for me, and I'm more likely to dance when I'm alone listening to music that inspires me. I don't dance at weddings anymore unless I have to.