The Eagles- Hotel California
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Four years ago, after the death of my husband, I was in Paris watching the Eiffel Tower light up at night with all of the twinkling lights, and some street musicians were playing Hotel California (my state). My friends and I and some people from Spain started dancing in the street -- a peak moment.

Tyga's Hotel California is better.

Your opinion, but the cover could never exist without the classic. ;)

good good song

I love music to, God did a good job creating it!

Music can heal all the s*** doctors can not

Great song


great song

YES!!!! Ima go listen to it right now its been awhile lol kids used to play Guitar Hero to that song so much that I never want to hear it again

This is exactly why I don't enjoy games like guitar hero, it almost ruined Bon Jovi for me. XD

which on a

Yes, as sad as that is, because I love that song. XD

I dont get how Guitar Hero can ruin a song ?!

Just like how radio can ruin a song-It being over played to the point of annoyance.

well, its different for everyone. its not like that for me. a good song can get annoying for me because of being over played. but its a different story about a very great song. for me, it never get annoying or considered over played. no matter how many times I listen to it over and over. its like being in love. you cant get bored of seeing your lover every single day :P but yeah, as I said its different for everyone.

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I love that song