Music Is My Life

Music is my life. I am a profesional singer and I work at a music studio. It is a part of me, the only time I'm not singing or listening to music is when I'm sleeping...and even then I dream about it!
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As a hobby? Most definitely. And maybe, just maybe if it suits me and wherever my future lay, as an occupation, yes.

Do you want to be a musician?

Actually my life is pretty crappy right now. These are all dreams, hopes, aspirations, and possible plans for my future. I've always felt the piano to be the hardest to play, for me at least. But well worth the effort of learning how to play.

WOW a 200 year old violin! I've heard it's the hardest instrument to play. Sounds like you have a very busy life!

Right now I'm trying to balance work, my future, and self-teaching playing the guitar. In the future however I hope to work with a violin (have one that's 200 years old in my closet that needs serious repairs), the piano and keyboard, samples,and the electric guitar and bass.<br />
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I also need to learn how to read sheet music again.

I love the violin. As for the piano I went somewhere where they played 10 pianos at once and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard! I myself, am learning the guitar for my classes. Do you play any type of instrument?

Favorite chords of music to my ears always have come from the violin and the piano.


That's good. Kids should learn about music at a young age. Appreciating the complexity and beauty of music at that age will help them appreciate the purer aspects of life rather than the crap floating around and being dealt with currently.

Everything except for maybe rap. I'm training to be the lead teacher for toddler classes right now so I do a lot of kid stuff.

What genre of music do you work in?