Any lovely people out there that like All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, blink 182, You Me At Six, Yellowcard, My Chemical Romance, etc? :)
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Viva la blink 182 :'-( it will never be the same without tom (ovbiously)

I LOVE Fall Out Boy, PATD, and My Chemical Romance... now I have to check out the rest of those.

You cannot hold a Job...never could

I remember playing Yellowcard - Empty apartment for hours in my room; and playing Blink - All the small things + dammit way too many times in High School. If I may add one more to your list. Its gotta be GREENDAY!!!

Aaaaah, I absolutely adore each one of them!



Fallout Boy :)

YES! Play those tunes over here and add Three Days Grace and we got a party!

some of those, yes. I love punk and metal music

Blink <3

Music is the breathe of life for me! We all may share different tastes in music, but for the most part it is what drives some of us, for me its the Great Escape, you can let your mind go and allow your heart to be free. There is no better expression in this life.

P!ATD and MCR are my favorite bands!! I wish people who liked those bands came to my school, but I'm stuck with kids who only like popular songs

Yes fob,mcr,alt, are awsome

Sugar where going down is my favorite song of all time all these bands are awesome good taste in music if I may say so myself =)

me I like all these bands

FOB/P!ATD/MCR are 3 of my all time faves.

Awesome! :))

I like all those bands except you me at six.

Awesome! :))

Love all time low

Same! :)

Blink 182 is my favorite band in the whole world!!! I can play all their songs!!! Connected to that band in more ways than music. They saved my life so many times. They were there when i cried, and when i been happy. Sorry I'm rambling.

Hey no need to apologize! I can literally relate so much in so many ways!! I absolutely adore Blink 182! All time low has saved my life in more than one way, they're incredible. Both bands. Music is the BEST. :))

OMG we have the same music taste :) ilysm <3

OMG we have the same music taste :) ilysm <3

No way!! :)

ALL TIME LOW!!!!!!! R THE BEST!!!!!!


MCR and Falling in Reverse



All time low , Blink 182 , And Fall out boys are my life!

Ahhhh same!! They're incredible!

I'm with you on Panic! At the Disco, Blink 182, and some My Chemical Romance.

Finally people who know good music. 🙌