AEROFUCKINGSMITH. I have loved them since hearing "Dream On" when it first came out. The first joint I smoked was with my best friend while listening to the brand new LP "Rocks". When "Toys in the Attic" came out I was in 7th grade and the 8th grade Art class was reproducing the album cover on a huge mural. They have been woven through the soundtrack of my life. Every period of my life has some Aerosmith music related to it. Aerosmith reinvents themselves and have a strong blues base from which to reach and expand. And they're just about as indestructable as The Stones.

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Jojo- HAHA!<br />
Nuevo- I saw the Stones at the Garden in '81 (w/Scorpions) and Shea Stadium in '89 (w/Living Color) they were much better in '89.<br />
Praxis- INDEED, keep it cranked up!<br />
BettyV- cool: geology trip in the outback!

Wow~ I was listening to Aerosmith while I went to town today! It was a nice warm day, I had the window down and listening to Aero. Freaking AWESOME! Steven Tyler is so fantastic with his raw energy...........I don't know how he keeps on going. (I was going to say "how he keeps it up," but I thought better of it) LOL<br />

oh yessssssssssssssssssssssssss! life just wouldn't be the same without aerosmith. I think my neighbours will agree........................hahahahaha

If they tour and you get the chance GO! Steven is unstoppable on stage tho he has slowed down on the handstands. They play so tight, just like the album and Steven's voice is strong and Joe Perry is such a sexy guitarist. I saw the Perry Project with Ozzy's first solo tour for Blizzard.

I wrote more about my Aero concert experiences but lost 'em somewhere... Saw them 3 times. I'll post 'em here if I find where they went. LOVE AEROSMITH. Just an old groupie...

omg, yes!!!!!!!! i freaking love love love aerosmith! they rock. and that mural sounds awesome!