Music, Beauty and Bliss.

Years ago when I did my National Service stint, I was forced to sleep in an aircraft hanger tightly packed with 360 other young men sleeping on double bunks.

We had no privacy at all. Everything we did was communal.  Everybody became aggressive, unconsciously I think, to carve out and protect some private space.

One way to stake out your claim was to turn your ghetto blaster up as loudly as the people around you would allow it. Soon, there were localized tribes in the hanger, with "their" music audibly staking out their territory.

I went home, on one of those rare weekends when they let us out and saw my first Sony Walkman glittering in a shop window. It was so small, hi-tech and cunningly wrought! I blew an entire month and a half's earnings, but it was worth it!

The demonstration tape was a rendition of Grieg's piano concerto number one, magnificently played by the Osaka symphony orchestra. 

The music soared, crashed and rose like exhilarated waves against laughing rocks on the seashore.  In that instant, I decided that I would take music to the army camp unlike any I had heard anybody else play. 

It was my way of staking out my territory. 

When I plugged myself into my little toy, I plugged into a higher reality. 

I spent hours with pan flutes and Bach evoking pastoral scenes, so utterly unlike the flat, parched semi-desert where I was stationed. Debussy and La Mer reminded me of my hometown next to the sea.  

Mozart? Well Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart made everything perfect.  I plugged myself in before going to bed and tasted a little of what fueled The Age of Reason. 

I  dozed forgetting my aching body. I slept unable to hear anybody snore, whimper or curse in their sleep. I dreamed dreams of golden light and sweet pastels, that made the ubiquitous military brown bearable the next day.

Music, I had discovered, was a balm, a protector and a healer. 

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2 Responses Aug 10, 2007

Music has healing powers, but I also believe that there is music that can wound and destroy the soul.

yes! music can have a healing power. there are many powers music can possess but the healing powers are "WOW!" to say the least ...