Does anyone else love getting in the car...putting on some music and just getting lost in the songs? It soothes my soul....puts me in a mood.
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yes, and sometimes also car-dancing

Yessss. And just drive...

I put on "Appetite for destruction" and I get so lost in old memories about every song on that album. However "Welcome to the jungle" is only safe when you're all alone on the road and you're allowed to speed up ;) "Rocket Queen" is another matter...... :/

Yessss. When I was working, the commutes were the best part of my day.

Only every time I'm in my car! Music is the Best medicine..

I spent 2300 dollars on my system. Sometimes all I want to do is cruise around and get lost in music.

That's what I'm missing in my life! A nice system...right now I can still sing louder then my stereo goes and that's not too good for anyone near me lol.

I strongly recommend you get good speakers. Then an amp and subwoofer. A subwoofer even makes slow jams hotter.

Done! As soon as I have money lol.

Lol credit card. With a co signer

Haha if only it was that easy for me...

My sound system in my last vehicle was worth more than the car itself haha! Music is so easy to get lost in has gotten me through so many things...good times, bad and being in love :)

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music is very important in my life lol. Specially whenever I'm driving because whatever I am listening to determines the speed of my car lol

Haha I hope I'm not behind when your listening to slow jams!

lol I try to stay away from the sad slow songs. I'm the type of person you will see at the stoplight jamm. I look at over smile and continue to sing! No slow songs haha

Stop light jamming*

Lol ok good save the slow stuff for when your parked ;)

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Yes indeed especially if the day was stressful! I totally agree!-Nichollee

yup aftwr my shift blast music midnight windows down 25 degrees C.


Oh yeah. And when you're by yourself you turn it up louder.


Even just sitting in the driveway... Yeah.

Hahaha YES!!!! I just sit there in the driveway like a weirdo blasting my music...

Me too.

Well then I'm not weird lol.