I try to open myself to as many different styles as I can. My mum constantly plays music like were talking all the time, sometimes it ****** me off cus its some god awful things she listens to lol but I remember once she was listening to Johnny cash and I intially came in to yell to turn it down but then ended up "here...he isn't too bad" now hes one of my favourite artists... And my brother was playing Merele Haggard in his car (the first time I heard it I was like 14 so was all "euugh that music isn't cool") then the other day he played it and I was I forgot all about him! And actually quite like him now lol

I love country, it just puts me at so much peace,  great country singers are great storytellers, unrequited love, being in jail, being broke, alcohol problems which so much country music envokes, I love it. Rock is also a big favourite of mine, to me it's a state of rebellion, pure soul in the music, a piece of me just egnites with rock being just totally free to do what you want and say what you feel.  

Music isn't just insturments and singing, its soul it's a connection to every creative vibe inside you, to certain experiences you can relate to. But above all it's beauty.

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Feb 19, 2009