Worst year for music 1994 . Kurt Cobain died and Justin Bieber was born
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I was feeling a bit down a few minutes ago. So I started searching "I Love music" and found this.
You made me laugh my a.. off.
Thank you so much :-D


Cute! :)


He was awesome. I even saw him get blood off the stage in Tempe during the bLeach tour..handled like s pro..he was awesome. .

bollox yes 1994 for beiber but for most 1991 when freddie mercury died


In the end, aren't they both drunk ********?

It is a sin to compare bieber to the legend, in any way.

One way for Beiber to be like Cobain is to blow his brains out.

Bieber has a brain?

Everyone does. How they use it is a different story

Most of the industry is a piece of ****

Maybe so however one made some of the best music of all time. The other spits on his fans

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That's why early civilizations predicted the start of the end of the world.