Blue Oyster Cult- Don't Fear The Reaper.
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Ever hear the demo version Buck made on a four-track recorder? He did it at his house, recording three guitar/vocal parts and drummed on the fourth (I think he hit books with drumsticks since he didn't have a set). It's WAY different than the final version, but I think I like the original a little better.

No! Sounds awesome, mill have to check it out. :]

You got a link for that? :o

Unfortunately, no. It might be on YouTube, but I have Agents of Fortune with bonus tracks, and that was one of them. You'll have to hunt around for it.

Godzilla. :-)

Love this song

Non timetis messor- don't fear the reaper in Latin.

Great song

blue oyster cult? Awesome band!

Dun dun de dun, dun de dun dun de dun, dun dun de...

That is an awesome song!!!!