Music Is My Life

I love music! Music is what helps me make it through my days. There is a song for any mood I am in. There are even some songs that seem like they were written all about me. I have several favorite bands but the one that I have loved for years and I like every song is NIRVANA! I wish they were still around! Kurt would probably still be making #1 hits if he were still alive. I havent been to very many concerts. I could probably count them all on one hand. Actually there is no probably to that. I can count them on one hand. I have saw The Goo Goo Dolls w/ New Radicals (1999), Godsmack, along with Breaking Benjamin, and HED PE (2003), then I saw an Ozzfest Side show in 2004. Some of the bands at that were Hatebreed, God Forbid, Otep, and a few others.

depressedmommy depressedmommy
22-25, F
Feb 20, 2009