I really like buying CDs, and listening to them for the first time.

  In the last month, I've bought 11 albums, of relatively unknown bands, and I've really relished the chance to indulge myself.

  I don't understand music, as in the whole reading-notes-off-a-page thing, but I find it amazing how someone talented can turn a load of sounds into something beautiful and unique.  How easy it is to share an affinity with an artist who doesn't even know of your existance, to feel safe that your emotions and problems are not new to the world.

  I like Music, because it feels good to the soul, and healthy and natural.  I like that. 

domitillaTLA domitillaTLA
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 21, 2009

I'm not really into anything too mainstream or R&B, I like Indie and Rock, like Radiohead, The Ting Tings and Kings of Leon, but I'm usually open to alternatives. I'm not too into Screamo that much, either - it just hurts my ears!