Problem is.. the schools around where I live are sooooo judge mental and I can't seem to get rid of my stage fright and whenever I start singing this person always tells me to shut up so for a time I did stop singing but now realized that guy was being a douche.... any tips ya'll have for clearing a mind when the microphone is handed over and the music starts (tips for stage fright)?
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I'm a drummer so it might be a little bit different (however I do sing harmonies and once in a blue moon lead). I've played so many shows in my short career so far in all sorts of venues (anywhere from MetLife Stadium to library open mic nights where you can hear the crowd breathing because you're so close. I always had stage fright as a kid so when I played my first gig I was nervous as hell. What I did was not make eye contact with anyone, look straight ahead. In your case when there's a vocal break, look at your band mates and when it's time to sing again just look straight ahead. It's always easier if the gig is at night or in an auditorium because usually the engineer or whoever is running the show will have lights on stage facing you, darkening the crowd. My first gig was at night and in an auditorium in front of 800 people, but other than the cheers, from the stage you would've thought we were alone, past the end of the stage was complete darkness. But seriously just look straight ahead, and don't make eye contact with anybody until your set is over. Trust me you use this technique and play often enough, and you'll be golden and stage fright will be a thing of the past

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This Is what my teacher taught me look at their forehead so they think ur looking at their eye or just simply look at the wall behind them that's what I use to do

Take a deep breath and look at their forehead then... Practice more in the mirror and after a few more times on stage you'll get use to it and might starting liking being on stage :)

:) me too

Have more confidence in yourself, courage yourself to be braver and brighter :)

- imagine everyone in their underwear
- ignore negative comments
- let your heart out
-take deep breaths
-encourage yourself :)

I have stage fright too but I can't help it...