Almost to 1500 songs on my iPod! Haha I listen to way too much music •-•
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That's so cool!

i have more somgs on my computer but i dont always enjoy it all so i dont put it all on mine.

Better back up your music. I lost a collection I had spent years putting on my computer then bam in a second it was gone. I was very sad.

yeah ive had that problem few times. now adays its worse its not like its 380GBs its 2.5TBs of info that i dont want to lose lol. i have multiple HDDs in PCs and in my drawer so theres always some of it somewhere

I'm not sure what you just said bc I'm technically challenged. But it get you have plenty of back

my pcs havent burned out or died on me for awhile but like 7+ years ago when harddrives were like 100-500max losing that much was a pain. now imagine losing 2.5TBs (2500GBs) would suck id just stop existing.

I know.

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No such thing as "too much" music :)

Imagine how many you will have when you get my age. Lol
Wonder what I pods will be called then.

Lul Do they even still make iPods? I'm just using an old iPod of mine

Wow... Haha. I mean I listen to a lot of music, or so I thought. And I've only got about 375 songs on my phone.
Plus songs I listen to on 8 tracks as Spotify. Haha.

I just keep adding stuff and adding stuff, pretty much an addiction of mine haha

May I put you in my circle rockinpop60?