I watched people leave and then come right back
I never wanted any part of that
and im proud to say I love this place
Good ole small town USA
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Hiya! Your lucky! I think its wonderful to live out your life in the same place as you were born. It doesn`t always work out that way. I had to emigrate from the beautiful village in Ireland where I was born. I was gone 30 years but now Im back. Its now a small town but its still as beautiful as ever. I meet people every day who I grew up with and walk the beach and the woods and mountains where my Dad walked with me and held my hand, as a young child. So how lucky am I!
Good ole you and me!

That is good for you. I was born in another state and moved here when I was about 5. I would really like to visit Ireland one day. Do you know any leprechauns?

I do now!!! Lol! Pleased to meet you!

greagt song

It is. Im much more comfortable in a small town than a big city. Way too many people.