The Only True Passion In My Life Is Music

i adore music

i love it soo much.  i love putting my big earphones on and turning the volume all the way up.  if i lost my music player i feel i would be lost.

i find the right song can set your mood.  up-beat and you feel like nothing can bring you down. slower songe make you appreacet the aspects of life. 

when i listen to music i cant but bop my head of tap my toes.

i im really into a song iss start to sing my favorite vers.

i never sing the whole song.  my voice is nothing compared to the arists.

one of my biggest regrets in life is never learning an instrument.  i feek if i had learned the violen of guitar i would have been a fantastic musician.  i played the recorder in 4th grade but im pretty sure that dose not count.  


the shins

we are scientists

matt costa

albert hammond sr. and jr

modest mouse

the cure

electric light orchstra

the cribs

franz ferdinand

bob dylan

the strokes

gang of four



the pathways


the WoWz

the postells

the killers

wolf parade

the helio sequence


lynard skinnard (sp?)



rolling stones

*i love them all

cMiranda cMiranda
22-25, F
2 Responses Mar 1, 2009

nice list several that even an old fart like me likes btw its lynyrd skynyrd :-)

have a listen to the smith's morrissey is a genious.<br />
<br />
you sound like you might appriciate them<br />
<br />