Stay - Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko...
Not much of a Rihanna fan, so I never paid attention to this song, but as I know for myself, when I'm bored of the music I constantly play. I try to search for new music. I've always been in love with "Take A Bow" and, "Unfaithful" she sang. But the others, yeah, not so much. So for the longest time her music was put to the side. So when I decided to play this song, earlier today. It pleased me... but, I mustn't lie. I'm still not really into the way she sang for this song in particular, cause is was barely understandable, like she was mumbling sorta kinda. But, when it was Mikky Ekko's turn, it sounded wonderful. Now, cause I was curious I looked up, if he sang the entire song himself. And he did. So, this one, is now my favorite. Cause, both versions are good but his, it just makes me feel good. Maybe, it's just the way his voice sounds in that one. I'm not sure...anyways, yeah. Oh and just cause, I envy Rihanna's eyes, they're just beautiful... that is all.
MyEternalDesires MyEternalDesires
26-30, F
Aug 20, 2014