Has anyone ever heard of Harrison Craig?
Probably, not many knows him cause he's from Australia, was on the voice. And won...
For a man, who studders. He sings very well, in my opinion. Sounds almost as good as Josh Gorban. Not quite. And well, no one can truly match up to josh Gorban. But, this one... he's not so bad. Might get an album or two, I'm not sure. But, I like him.
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That's great

I don't watch any of the reality TV shows, so I have to admit I haven't heard of Harrison. Sounds like a brave character to perform on TV with a stutter. I like Josh Groban's voice, so I'll have to see if I can find a recording of Harrison's voice.

Well, he sang the prayer, which was good. And that's pretty hard to achive and not sound off key. So, I agree. He's pretty brave to do something like that.

Ah, I'm wrong, broken vow. Was the one sang. And you raise me up. Sorry. My bad.

I heard a bit of Broken Vow. His voice is impressive :-D