Miserable at Best- Mayday Parade.

"But I guess that I can live without you but without you I'll be miserable at best"
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2 Responses Aug 21, 2014

Let's not pretend you're alone tonight..I know he's there and you'd probably hanging out and making smile while across the room he stares..
That song always tears me apart :/

Do you know their another song "Terrible things"?

Couldn't agree more!! Talking about sad, have you already watched The Fault In Our Stars?

Absolutely!!! They also did the great work in movie too!! You should definitely watch it:)

What's your favorite band? :)

OMG I love love Pink Floyd!!! Don't know about Smiths tho:)

We sure do:) I think we both have the disease called Awesomeness 😎

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That may or may not be my go-to song when I'm in the shower without music playing.