I need a play list of music that will brighten my day....

Currently listening to "pocket full of sunshine". Any ideas?
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5 Responses Aug 21, 2014

Weezer pork and beans

It all depends on your taste.
I'm a bit of a soul music fan.
So as well as all the Motown type stuff, I'd reccomend bands like The Crusaders, Earth,Wind and Fire, Incognito. That type of thing.
Much of it very foot tapping,dancey, good tunes to listen to in the car kinda thing.
You could probably find some of it on YouTube.

Kyle Andrews- You Always Make Me Smile. Such a cute, happy song. Love it.

Ain't it fun Paramore
Happy nevershoutnever

They're upbeat cheery songs

Vampire weekend the contra album. Very up beat.