Dont see much love for punk on here. Favorite punk bands anyone?
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Operation Ivy, Bad Religion, Social Distortion.....

Bad religion is my number 2! Great choices.

Green Day counts yes?

I count them.some people wouldnt.mines offspring and some people wouldnt consider them either,but both are.

Oh I didn't even think of Offspring I like them too.

Black Flag and Generation X.

Rise Against

Great band,though their last couple albums have been blah

Haven't heard any of their new stuff.

Lucky you,lol.stick to the first four albums and your good.

That's what I do now :]. What bout you?

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Lately Transplants, Pennywise.

Hell yeah,pw top three for me

NOFX is my favorite

Good choice

I admit not being too well versed in punk bands, but I DO like the Sex Pistols, the Clash, Ramones, Souxsie and the Banshees...Patti Smith...Rancid was pretty good at one time...

I still listen to mest, rancid, misfits and rites of spring sometimes guess I'd have to say those are my favorites

Rancids def one of the best.