You can look at my other post about how i like music if u actually care but i just want to share something that pissed me off today

Someone literally said to my face that music was an annoying piece of junk that isnt needed all the time etc and that she didnt understand why i care so much about it

Wth!! Are u serious. Music literally has saved my life, im pretty sure hundreds if not thousands of other ppl, is one of the main ways im sure thousands of ppl handle stress and just life in general, and she literally dares to say thst i shouldnt care about music >.< urghhh i hate ppl like that.

Music means a lot to some ppl in the world and i hate it when someone tramples over it and says something like
She doesnt know why i care so much etc and why other ppl do =.= urghh!!!
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1 Response Aug 22, 2014

That's right I may despise the music you listen to. But if it helps you or somebody else who am I to say otherwise. Besides it's fun ragging on people with different tastes ( in fun) I have learned a lot about some people by doing this it helps keep the mind open. Keep listening and enjoy