Am I meant to be something?
Is this the song I'm supposed to sing?
Is my life already scripted?
Fighting still cannot change the words.
Are we alone?
Are we in control?
Couldn't we choose to play a different role?
Can we change the grave that was dug for us?
Or is this the only path to take?
Are we meant to fall in love?
Are we supposed to find the one?
Are there choices around me?
Or am I stuck on a one-way road?
These questions need answers.
"Fate - Our Last Night"
MissAutumn MissAutumn
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It's interesting. Takes a while to get to the actual meat of the song, which I don't like. My favorite kind of music is the kind you could play one note at a time on the piano, if you get what I mean… so that whole song to me was just noise. I didn't hear a melody, a chord progression… but hey, I'm not a critic really, I just personally don't have the ability to appreciate music like that :)

''Just noise''?? Are you for real?

The lyrics:

"Bring A Gun To School"

Get it through your ******* head!
All your friends are ******* dead.
Yeah they got what they deserved!
Stop acting hard you know it hurts.
You're what was living in the dark.
Holy ******* ****.
I'm having too much fun.
Killing everyone.
That you've ever loved.
All your
Friends are ******* dead.
Yeah they got what they deserved.
Stop acting hard you know it hurts.
You're what was living in the dark.

See, there's the difference. I can read that and respect it. I can understand it and even appreciate it. The audio though, the guitar and the vocalization I do think is noise. Many other people could put a melody to it, something you could hum to your friend and they could say, "Oh yeah! I know that song!"

The lyrics, what I read, are very much different from the sounds I hear.

It's vocalized through ''screaming'', very common throughout metal music.

The beginning of the music is probably 911 phone calls or samples of frustrating and anger from some school shootings or something, idk.

That's probably what you would consider ''noise''.

A ton better, in my eyes. Because I can actually hear the melody. I'm not as into metal. More grungy stuff. My Darkest Days, MCR, Our Last Night. I like the touchy feely songs. Two of my FAVORITES right now are Here Without You by 3 Doors Down and Lips of an Angel by Hinder. (Here Without You) (Lips of an Angel)

Now that is what I call ****. Sorry.

No offense taken :) We all have our own tastes, yours is yours and mine is mine. We don't have to agree, we aren't expected to agree. That's what's so wonderful about the human mind. Individuality.

What are you now, a philosophist? I like music that is provocative, that upsets the listener and forces the listener to think again. I wouldn't call the songs you listened even as ''rock'', it's pop music. Bad pop music.

I am a philosopher actually, as well as a lover of music. Your definition of music and my definition of music differs a little more than slightly. I can't handle music without a melody.

c: Yes. I actually downloaded this whole album but as much as I adore bmth, I like their 2nd and 3rd album the best c;

And Asking Alexandria, oh **** yeah c;

I love the song Sleepwalking. Here's another way to put it. I like anything you could potentially turn into an acoustic version. I like Asking Alexandria depending on the song.

Emmure also has depressive songs, I listen to this always when I feel empty.

Fking nice.
I love this song for it's message and the chorus.

Wooowww c;
That was a loong time ago, when I last listened to them.. Really.. a loong time ago. I don't know if they have a new singer again and stuff. But I liked their song ''Something'' so damn much...

They probably have already released 1/2 new albums since I stopped listening to them lol..

It sounds boy-bandish at the beginning :P But I like "Something" too. First time I've heard it. Not too bad. Actually pretty decent :)

But to say that Emmure has no melody.... omg

I personally couldn't turn a couple of Emmure's songs into acoustic versions. If you can change any song into an acoustic version, it's probably a song I won't hate. I don't really hate many songs, the only songs I hate are ones that I've trained myself to hate.. like a song I listened to on repeat after a breakup or used as a cutting trigger back when life was sh*t and I was cool with going down with it.l

But you don't have to turn it into acoustic songs. I don't even like acoustic that much. I prefer non-acoustic or whatever that is called. I can't even stand acoustic most of the times.

Electric ;) Not everyone has to be the same. I like it better that way.

You like the more sensitivy side of metal I assume by you sending me songs like that.. It's all from bands that I like (like ETF and FFDP) but always not their hardest songs. Always their softy songs lol c;

^^^^^^^As I said not to long ago, I'm all for "touch/feely" songs. Songs laced with emotion and such. I don't like songs that I can't understand the first time I listen. I mean lyric wise. I like songs that I don't HAVE to look the lyrics up for. If that makes sense.

Yeah, well tbh, I do like Nickelback. That is an exeption though, (because of the vocals from Chad Kroeger that are amazing) but normally it's a no-no for these bands.

I really like Nickleback. I LOVE Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace as well.

Yeah, I can definitely listen to those for some reason.. Even though I prefer death metal and the like more, I just.. they have great vocals... Although I prefer Nickelback and 3DG above Benjamin because I only know 1 song from BB and that was a theme song from a movie with Bruce Willis (where I also forgot the name from haha)

I will not bow :)

Yeah!! Damn, that was a long time ago as well ;p

Yeah the old singer went to Falling in Reverse.

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