She's got sightless eyes
Telling me no lies
Knocking me out
With those American thighs
She's got a touch a touch too much...
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ACDC ~ Great song :)

I agree. I seen them when I was about 16. I would go again if they were close enough

They have some videos on youtube where they are looking pretty old and he still dressed that way lol I don't listen to them all that often anymore but I have a nephew in his 20's that is a big fan. Kind of funny

Yeah, it says a lot. i am glad they didn't change their style to appeal to younger generations like some have. I don't remember listening to a lot of Iron Maiden. It was more ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Ted Nugent, Journey, Boston

LOL I was a teen then. I still like them but tend to listen to what is on the radio now ~ Thanks :)

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