Always Have

 I have loved music for as long as I can remember.  Listening to, playing and performing music is a fun and calming experience.  I played in the school band since about the age of 9 all the way through high school.  While in high school a group of friends and myself formed a rock band which was terrible but we had a lot of fun and the people that listened to us didn't seem to care that we were terrible.  Some people even payed us to perform!  At around the age of 20, I stopped playing music but still have always been an avid listener.  Recently, I purchased a second hand, no name drum set and have been goofing around with my guitar playing brother-in-law.  We have a nephew who is learning to play the bass so we may just have the makings of a new band!  Before that happens though, I'm going to need a new set of heads and some cymbals.  Sounds like fun!

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ive always loved music!

That's cool you're getting some famliy to play with. It can be a lot of fun with drums, guitar, and bass. Even if you're not very talented. It's great to just make some music!