I have learned a great lesson recently. I have to pick my own self up, but allow friends to be there for me to lean on. When a friend sees me at my lowest and still loves my shadow, let it flow.

Life is more than black or white. Expand your horizons.

weepingveil weepingveil
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3 Responses Aug 22, 2014

You are never alone. There is always someone to lean on and trust with the lowest low and the highest high. They will cry tears of sorrow and joy with you and always love you.
From black to white there is a whole spectrum of colour. ❤️

There is a rainbow comprised of everything in between. A promise from a cool soothing rain to allow the sun to warm our face once again. The rain, the sun, and the spectrum between; a bridge of hope.

I love you too.

I enjoyed the video. I wanna get better too. I keep drowning yet the life preserver is right next to me.
Thanks for sharing.

Funny how we forget to grab hold when we need it most.
Thank you for the thought-felt sentiment. :0)

We both qualify ;)

Thank you. :0)