Listening to Logic - Do ya like
And then off to bed ;)
Night EP people ;)
Vinneh23 Vinneh23
26-30, M
1 Response Aug 23, 2014

I really like that song :)

Me too! Have you ever listened to atmosphere?

No is it from Logic as well ?

No different artist but similar to logic.. Think you might like them

Let me look that song up :)

Im listening to them and seeing how i like there songs.
Have you listen to inception from Logic. that song is really nice lol i work out with that song lol it pumps me up :)

Cool let me know what you think :) and no that one I haven't heard I'll look it up

For sure and yeah look it up u'll like it ;)

I'm totally adding that song to my gym playlist :)

Awesome :D im adding a couple songs from atmosphere to my playlist as well :)

Nice! :)

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