Snow - Informer

my throwback song of the day.
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Does anyone remember "shaggy", he sang Boombastic, I always loved that song. Check it out if you haven't heard it!!!!!

OMG!! I haven't heard that song in a long time. I was kool to listen to it again. Great throwback song. 😍

How is it the lyrics always come flooding back in this one!!!

Did you listen to his other songs? I was suprised to like a lot of what he did ;-)

Sadly I have never heard anything else from him. But if his other songs are even a quarter as good I'f=d love to hear them :)

I guess it depends on what ind of music you like :-) if you have the time check out "Everybody want's t be like you" or "Lady with the red dress on" or even better here's the link to th "Informer" album ;-)

let me know if you like, there's a few more like "mind on the moon" that came out

you're gonna have be up all night listening to music when I have my first day of college tomorrow! I'm holding you responsible for any mishaps on my first day... So far liking the album.

Loll, I hope you have a good day today xx

Thank you! I will try :)

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