This song, Not Your Birthday by Allstarweekend, helped me out a lot.
This year for my 15 birthday I didn't get to celebrate it because I had to move out of a house I was afraid to walk in or out of. Last time for more than a few minutes my brother pushed my mom into a door frame trying to get to me, to punch me. Cops were called, but nothing was done.
Anyway I am really sad about not having a birthday. And my 15th one was gonna be marking something.. I don't know. I am not rich so I wasn't expecting much other than my favorite meal and a present from family members. But I got a non icinged cake, stuff I didn't like for supper, yelled at, slept on the cold floor in Washington with no heat or like cushion while everyone else had a place to sleep, spent the time period of ten movies alone crying with out a phone or wifi to really call friends form Florida.
It may just be me but I really hated this birthday. I feel cheated. :/
But even if I say no, I'd like a birthday part. And the point was, the song makes me see it as it doesn't to be a big deal. A birthdays a birthday.
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Music I can relate to in some way.