Music Is Good For the Soul!!!

Starting way back in the late 1960's, I saw the late, great Janis Joplin! She was so good, really brought the house down.

I have also seen Sonny & Cher (when they where still together!), also saw The Almond Brothers, Arlo Guthry, Barry Manilow, Peter, Paul & Mary, and my favoriTe, THE ROLLING STONES!  It's amazing that they are still together, and they still have so much energy!  I hope that it is true that they are planning another tour in 2010.  I really hope they do it, because, "This may be the last time!"

I also like Contemporary Christian Music, and I have seen Carman in concert. He is so real, so down to earth, very friendly!

Who have you seen, who are your favorites?

LindarGFi LindarGFi
56-60, F
Mar 7, 2009