Some comment i liked from a friend in youtube:

"Unfortunately we live on a planet that promotes music in its most evil form. Today's manufactured music just bombards influences and corrupts peoples minds with certain sounds & images all pieced perfectly together in the guise of "music". There are a few bands, however, that create music, they don't take it off the assembly line."


Music invokes human emotion, and through time we've learnt how to engineer music to have the desired effect. A shame that most music today is focused on making money, instead of communicating experience and emotion.

I think ultimately that's what makes good music. Everyone uses harmonics, every good musician knows how to make music sound 'good' and how to make you addicted to it. But only the best can imprint a soul on music.

Everyone has different tastes, and i don't say my tastes are universal, but i'll list some examples.

The Beatles.
This band did almost everything. They started playing songs composed by someone else, songs that they knew would be popular and took from the assembly line. As they evolved however, they made their own music, talking about their own experiences, or just having fun. One of my favorite songs is "Maxwell Silver Hammer" A song with a happy tune, but that actually talks about a serial killer that used a hammer to kill his victims.

This kind of "playing around" in my opinion denotes how good a band really is, it's inventive, it's unusual, funny. Someone has to be that good to not take seriously what they're writing, and to be able to write about almost anything.

Another example of this i like is Tool's "Die Eier Von Satan" a song in german, that when you hear it you could say it's some kind of nazi speech, when it's actually a recipe for some hashish spiked cookies.

Personally more than just because they're occasionally fun, i like tool because i think they make music in a smart way. Manyard is a fan of mathematics and he does all kind of stuff in his albums.

Another one of my favorites is Pink Floyd. I like them because they get me high without having to smoke. They transport you to different worlds, different times with their music.
jafetgx jafetgx
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Aug 30, 2014