I Live For My Music!!

I live for my music. It keeps me alive, awake, moving, thinking...

I used to be into basically what everybody listens to (top 50, rap, rock, pop), and still am a little bit. But lately, I have aquired a taste for Dance, Techno, and Rave music. I dont know why. I have always liked it a little bit, but now I pretty much only listen to Dance music. It keeps me upbeat whentimes are rough. This kind of music most often has a positive message behind it (sounds cheezy, but true). And over all, it has kind have made me into a nicer person.

(Kind of a funny story: about a year ago, my ipod broke and was passed the warranty, so i figured I would wait until I had some cah-in-pocket before buying a new one. After about a month, my friends pointed out that I was grumpy alot, but (being grumpy) I ignored them. After a few more months, I got another ipod, and almost that same week, my friends constantly asked me why i was in such a good mood. Long story short: My music is "my crack")

TheARaver TheARaver
18-21, M
2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I'm not saying that its anything different from other people. I'm just saying that it's my case too

You are singing to the choir my man....You are singing to the choir...Without my music....I am in the dumper