Music Snobb

 a while ago i heard a song that i really liked.  it was a really good song, so the next day i googled some of the lyrics that i remnbered and found the artist.

i bought the CD (yes i still buy CDs) i really liked it.  good lyrics, and they played their instrimunts well. i listened to it for days enjoying every minute.


out of curisioty i went to the band's website.  the website said at their peak they were listed @ #37 on the americn Billboard charts.

after that i felt really different about the band and their music.  i didnt like it as much when i found out they were popular and listened to it a bit less.


i was acting like thoes "hippster" douchbags that only listed to independent/inde bands and discourage music that has gained recognition, even if its a really good band.

its a good thing if a band you like has a lot of fans.



---lesson: dont be music prejudice

cMiranda cMiranda
22-25, F
Mar 17, 2009