It Helps

My life is the kind they write books about and have movies for. You know the kind of stories that you read if you want to cry when you go to sleep for this poor little girl. Music is what keeps me here. That and wanting to be able to cry into the shoulder of my prince charming that i've vowed to find. It keeps me sane safe and able to go to scool with that same old fake smile on that everyone should be able to see through but they don't because they're just to stupid and... (cough) getting a little off topic sorry.... but anyway i just started writing songs about how i felt and it worked great. Added guitar and it got strength add a drum beat and it's alive. I'm made of music. I have to have some kind of music or i fall to peices. music helps you stay alive when the world's crashing down around you...

KittyCat08 KittyCat08
1 Response Mar 19, 2009

music is full of feelings thats what make"s it so grate when it comes from are hearts.