Me Too!!!

Like everyone else here, I too have a love for music. I've worked in manufacturing for 30 years, but have always had music on the side. 
I first started in Junior High playing sax in band. I played alto, then tenor and baritone. It was a great way to learn to read music in both g and f clef. Little did I know it would really help me later in life.
After three years in band, I moved on to High School. I was fifteen and met this girl that I thought was the most wonderful person in the world. (those hormones) She asked me to try out for the schools elite singing group. A small group with only 16 singers. Of course I auditioned and the fact that I could read music and also could sing a low C made me an instant member and I got to hang out more with my new girlfriend.
After High School I got married and started working in manufacturing. For a few years I was out of music, but a friend talked me into auditioning for the local opera company. I was hired and sang with them for 14 years. It was an amazing experience.
So here it is 2009, I still sing in church and do solos when ever they need me. A few years ago I bought a baby grand piano and I like to sit and play in the evening after work just to relax. I love music and I always will. FYI... That first girl friend I had is still my best friend and we tlk at least once a week. I am her daughters God Father.
Don't hold this against me, but we watch American Idol while on the phone each week and comment on the singers. That is one thing we will always have in common. Some day if or when I meet that right person, they will have to have a passion for music.

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i think thats realy cool i am thinking of bying me a saxophone for a while now i can"t play one but i want to learn how but i shore would like to find someone who could for my band i started playing guitar 1968 and i am realy in to music.